WAVLINK WiFi Router/High Speed WiFi Range Extender/Coverage Up to 1200Mbps with 5GHz Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Internet Router[2020 Upgrade]

February 22, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

UPDATE: It WAS too good to be True (Don’t Buy!) *Second Update* 10 days after my 30 days return window closed – guess what? It stops working. More specifically the 5G (the fastest signal) stops working. Ugh. I looked at the other 1 star reviews and they also stopped after a month. I was really hoping the other reviewers were just random chances but it happened to me too. Now i’m out $30 bucks and have to buy something else. #ShouldHaveKnown #StickToBrandsYouKnow*Third Update * I found an incredible buy, called Medialink AC 1200R Wireless Gigabit Router, you’ll want to buy this because normally there’s a speed limit on your wired cables to your computer which is upto 100 Gigs. The Medialink AC1200 R is upto 1000 Gigs! I did a speed test and I went from 91.8 Mbps to 321.49 Mbps!!! My surfing speeds are crazy now! So in a way, i’m glad this stupid Wavlink failed, because I have something a million times better.Original Review: So I was hesitant to purchase this because 1.) the price seemed too good, and 2.) the…

Anonymous says:

Has boosted my connection when using with existing router OK.. I was skeptical. Such a Cheap costing WiFi Router. Regardless it has good ratings and I went with it knowing Amazon would take it back if I didn’t like it. So I’ve had it online for about a week now and it has excellent coverage in my house. I have a lot of home automation devices on my network, about 20 all together and old router was not keeping up. This does the job. Directions were included, but I didn’t need them as it’s pretty simple if you have any past experience installing a home router. It has several nice features and it just works perfectly for my needs.I’m happy with it, and it’s way less in cost to other competition.

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